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On September 1, 1893, the gang was cornered in Ingalls by a posse of US marshals, in what became known as the Battle of Ingalls, resulting in an intense shootout. Ford drew his revolver and ran into another store to the alley to cut them off, but soon lost them. Dalton took part in several robberies with the Wild Bunch, including a gun battle on September 1, 1893, at Ingalls, Oklahoma Territory, where three deputy U. S. marshals were killed. Right as she said this, Kay heard someone rush across the floor of an adjoining room and through the crack in the door he could see a man taking position at the window. Rumors had circulated for months that Bob had planned to come and liberate Grat, so two of sheriff Kay's deputies, Jim Wagy and Bob Hockett, had been hired by Wells Fargo to guard Grat's cell until he was sentenced and sent to San Quentin. Dunn met and became involved romantically with George "Bittercreek" Newcomb around 1893. John Kloehr put the wounded Grat down for good with a bullet in the neck. Short took the prisoner back and placed him in the baggage car. Numerous myths were published about the gang. They had not been to the town for several years, though, and the hitching post had since been removed during street work. Bob and Emmett, meanwhile, had been busy in Oklahoma forming their gang. When told to open the safe, the manager lied, telling Grat it was a time lock and that it would not open for another 10 minutes. Great story, Sis. They had planned to meet with Grat and cross the plaza to the alley, where they could make their escape, but word of the robbery had spread through town. Burrow Gang (1887-1890) Reuben Rube Burrow, his brother Jim, and other members began to rob trains after Rubes crops had failed in Texas. The three then rode to the ranch of Clovis Cole, northeast of Fresno, and asked Lit if he could furnish them a horse and saddle. However, that account has never been verified, and was never mentioned by the US Marshal official report, which indicated that Newcomb at best fired two shots then fled. known as "The Rose of Cimarron." Eventually, he sought refuge at her parents' ranch, and her brothers turned him in for the $5,000 reward on his . By this time the older Dalton brothers were on their own. Kay learned at the train depot that Bob and Emmett had bought tickets to Ogden and were carrying large telescope bags with them. Inside the Condon Bank were C.T. After he left, the judge asked Yoes who the man was, as he seemed educated and well-informed. The Dalton's couldn't sell their horses in Ludlow and they didn't have enough money for all three of them to take the train to Indian territory, so Bill took the train back to Paso Robles while Bob and Emmett took the train to Salt Lake where they would meet Cole. The second train robbery by the Dalton Gang in Oklahoma was at a small station called Lelietta on September 15, 1891, about four miles north of Wagoner, Oklahoma. Bob ordered him to drop the gun, and when he failed to answer, shot him with his Winchester, killing him. Charlie Pierce was with George Bitter Creek Newcomb and was also killed by U.S. Deputy Marshals on May 2, 1894, in Oklahoma. Emmett thought Grat would mess things up if he went alone with Powers and Broadwell, and thought they should trade places. It became apparent to Kay that Bill had been busy hiding Dean when he arrived, otherwise they would have heard him come in. While in jail, a train robbery occurred near Ceres, on September 3, 1891, but was unsuccessful with no money being taken. The Rose of Cimarron hid out with the remnants of the gang for a time, nursing their wounds. Leading the pursuit was Bob's old friend, Deputy Marshal Heck Thomas, whose renown skills as a deputy kept the gang constantly on the move and in hiding. Condon & Co. Bank, and Bob and Emmett crossing the plaza to enter the First National Bank. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person's profile. When Middleton returned, Kay arrested him at his home and threatened to send him to San Quentin if he didn't give up Grat's hideout. After being left on the sidewalk by Bob and Emmett, Thomas Ayres had run into one of the hardware stores and grabbed a rifle. He then ordered the bags of silver on the vault floor into his bag, containing $1000 and weighing about 200lb. Newcomb by that time was riding with the Wild Bunch gang led by outlaw Bill Doolin. Outside of a drug store across from the First National, George Cubine was standing with his Winchester aimed at the front door of the bank, awaiting the exit of Bob and Emmett. As a former lawman, Bob knew the difficulty officers had enforcing laws in Indian and Oklahoma Territories. The bungled double bank robbery attempt by the Dalton Gang in the brothers' old hometown of Coffeyville, Kansas, on October 5, 1892, left eight men dead and four wounded. He was shot by U.S. Deputy Marshals on May 2, 1894, in Oklahoma. Bill arrived in Paso Robles and was arrested by Sheriff Kay fifteen minutes after getting off the train and was taken to Visalia. Waiting for the train at the station on June 1, 1892, at Red Rock, Oklahoma, they sensed danger when the train arrived without any lights shining from its coach windows. In the ensuing shoot-out between Bryant and Short, both men were killed by shots from the other. Bill was finally able to get a loan on some horses from a local rancher, but they were still short one saddle and one of the horses was not fit for a hard ride. Billy the Kids Gang, aka The Rustlers (1876-1880) Led by Billy the Kid, this gang formed out of the conflict of the Lincoln County War in New Mexico. The night before the robbery at Red Rock, Judge Burford, US District Attorney for Oklahoma Horace Speed, and deputy marshal George Yoes (son of Marshal Jacob Yoes, the Daltons former employer at Fort Smith) were sitting in a hotel lobby in Kingfisher, where they were talking about the cases that would be in court the next day. Kay was informed by Bill's father-in-law, Clark Bliven, that Bob and Emmett planned to meet Cole in Salt Lake, so Kay headed to Chico where he planned to cut him off. Power, also known as Tom Evans, who had drifted into the area from Texas with a trail herd from the Pecos. In route, Bryant somehow obtained a gun and attempted to escape. The river changed course over the years and even flooded, washing away Newcombs grave. Wolcotts Regulators surrendering at the T.A. Sheriff Kay soon learned of the horses at Ludlow and that the description of the men who left them matched that of Bob and Emmett. With Bob and Emmett, were Bitter Creek Newcomb, Bill Power, Dick Broadwell, Charlie Pierce, and Bill Doolin. Cole had split up with Grat at Gila Bend, Arizona after the two got in argument in which Cole was trying to convince Grat not to join Bob and Emmett. Clanton Gang, aka The Cowboys(1870s) The Clanton family and their ranch hands were a loosely organized gang of outlaws who operated along the Mexican border of Arizona, stealing cattle, robbing stagecoaches, ambushing teamsters, and committing murder. Bill went to Paso Robles and bought a saddle, but after that could not afford anything else as he was broke. Bob also hired Emmett under him to guard prisoners. Doolin-Dalton Gang, aka Oklahombres, the Wild Bunch (1892-1895) Led by Bill Doolin, the gang specialized in robbing banks, stagecoaches, and trains in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kansas. A couple of her brothers rode both sides of the law. Group of outlaws in the American Old West, This article is about the group of outlaws. We collect and match historical records that Ancestry users have contributed to their family trees to create each person's profile. Right before the deputy ordered Grat to drop his weapon, a dog appeared ten feet from Grat and began barking at the lawman. Knowing that Kay was hot on their trail, they traveled east through Arizona into New Mexico. Bill Dalton and Bill Doolin had been waiting several miles away with extra horses to aid the gang's escape. He also said that Grat was accompanied by Riley Dean, the man who had been arrested with Bill for the Ceres robbery, as well as a dog. Instead he caught a cold from sitting in the fog all night. Her family was poor, but she received a formal education at a convent in Wichita, Kansas. Threatened with prison time, Smith told Kay that Middleton could be followed to Dalton's camp when he carried him supplies. Sheriff Hensley and deputy Ed McCardle where guarding a trail that led to the summit of small and narrow ridge. On the night of September 15, 1891, they stopped and boarded the MK&T train, and robbed the express car of $2,500. The gang escaped unharmed making off with $17,000 in cash. Smith instead went north and several weeks later was arrested by Kay. Neither was he in Merced or Livingston. Condon & Company's Bank and the First National Bank on opposite sides of the street in Coffeyville, Kansas. Stockton Gang (1878-1881) Led by Ike Stockton, this gang of cattle rustlers terrorized the area of northern New Mexico while posing as gentleman cowboys in Durango, Colorado. Rose Dunn was born near what is today Ingalls, Oklahoma (when she was born it was in Indian Territory, Oklahoma Territory was not organized until 1890). The locals who identified him notified a deputy marshal named Ed Short. This would've been while Grat was on active duty as Deputy Marshal in Indian Territory, but Sheriff Kay claimed that Grat had told him that he had made two extended trips to California while serving as U.S. Bob Dalton, who would later become the leader of the Dalton Gang, was the wildest of the bunch. Left to right: Bill Powers; Bob Dalton; Grat Dalton, Dick Broadwell, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "DALTON Family History: Old West Kansas Dalton Gang KS Heritage Group", "The Dalton Gang Train Robbery at Adair, I.T. Kay talked to their mother for several hours and she even invited him in for breakfast. Though he did not participate in any of the hold-ups with his brothers, he acted as their spy and advisor. Baseball's all-time leader in hits, singles, at-bats, and games played, Pete Rose has often been compared t, attar attar, batter, bespatter, chatter, clatter, flatter, hatter, Kenyatta, latter, matamata, matter, natter, patter, platter, ratter, regatta, sat, Ganek, Danielle 1965- (Danielle DiGiacomo), Gandolfi, Riccardo (Cristoforo Daniele Diomede), Gandillon Family (Pierre, Georges, Antoinette, Perrenette) (d. 1598), Ganges and Indus Dolphins (Platanistidae), The Five Joaquins (1850-1853) The Five Joaquins were said to be responsible for most cattle rustling, robberies, and murders committed in the Mother Lode area of the Sierra Nevadas between 1850 and 1853. They were found, executed, or killed after robbing the First National Bank in Lamar, Colorado. After that, the law placed a $5000 bounty on Newcombs and Pierces heads. Grat heard the revolver shots from the Express agent. Lewis Dalton came west from Kentucky to Missouri duringthe late 1840s and in the 1850s, he was trading horses and running a saloon in Westport, Missouri (now Kansas City) when he married Adeline. The eight armed guards on the train all happened to be at the back of the train when it pulled in. Kay moved quietly across the floor and pushed the door a little farther open with his revolver. When they arrived, Bob had to think quickly, and decided instead to tie their horses in an alley across from the bank to the west, near the city jail, which offered them little protection. Originally published by the Coffeyville Historical Society, this reprint includes an updated foreword by the author. The sewerage system developed from A storekeeper who was sweeping the sidewalk a few feet away noticed Bob, Emmett, and even Grat, who was wearing a fake mustache, and ran inside his store. In California, Emmett worked as a building contractor and later would write a book about the exploits of the Dalton Gang entitled When The Daltons Rode. Written in collaboration with Jack Jungmeyer, a Los Angeles Newspaperman, the book was published in 1931. So was gang member Charley Pierce. Three months after the Wharton robbery in August 1891, Charlie Bryant became ill and was taken to the doctor in Hennessey, Oklahoma Territory. After pointing out the location of the camp, Middleton left in a hurry and the two posses spent the night on the living room floor of the nearby Elwood ranch. On October 5, 1892, the Dalton gang attempted this feat when they set out to rob the C.M. Their mother also came to California from Kingfisher to pay Beckenridge after she mortgaged her home and borrowed money from neighbors. Grat noticed him, but before he could aim, Kloehr shot him in the throat. Due to the sensationalism that surrounded the Dalton Gang's exploits, they were accused of robberies all over the country but operated chiefly in California, Kansas, Oklahoma Territory, and Indian Territory. Kay noticed the bills were perfectly new and asked Grat where he got them. As he lifted the rifle up, Bob shot and killed him. One account went so far as to say Rose killed the three marshals as she rescued Newcomb, but that was never substantiated. After the train left Hennessey, and was approaching the stop at Waukomis, Oklahoma, Short noticed a group of mounted men who looked as if they were trying to beat the train, and feared it was the Dalton Gang coming to free Bryant. When Bill left Barstow by train towards Needles, he decided the boys could not make the trip by horseback so he stopped in Ludlow to intercept them. Looking to earn more money, Bob also became part of the Osage Nation police force in addition to his job as a deputy. A later report in the Visalia Times-Delta, a major newspaper in Visalia, California, attributed to "a relative of Mrs. Evans" (most likely Chris Evans brother-in-law Perry Byrd, a deputy of Sheriff Gene Kay) stated, "Tom Evans killed at Coffeyville, Kansas, when the Dalton brothers made their famous raid on the banks of that town, was the twin brother of Chris."[19]. He was taken to Dr. Wells office with 20 bullets and the doctor said he would be dead before nightfall. Kay believed they did this to throw him off by going south instead of east. The baggageman carelessly stuck the revolver into a pigeon-hole messagebox and went to work at the other end of the car. The boys left their horses in Ludlow, which were then discovered a few weeks later by railroad detectives. Explore historical records and family tree profiles about Mary Gang on MyHeritage, the world's family history network. Grat was taken back to jail to await his sentence. Wagy told him that he must've slept in a draft, to which Grat replied, "Yes, it must have been pretty cold in the yard over there last night." Historical Person Search Search Search Results Results Rose Veronica McLaughlin (1892 - 1948) Try FREE for 14 days Try FREE for 14 days. For the film based on them, see, Dalton gang following the 1892 Coffeyville, Kansas raid. Robber Barons. He asked Latta not to publish the information until after his death.[13]. His deputy abandoned him after being wounded. Dalton Gang (1891-1892) Led by brothers Bob and Grat Dalton, the Dalton Gang robbed banks and trains throughout Kansas and Oklahoma until they were killed in the Coffeyville, Kansas Raid. On September 1, 1908, Emmett married Julia Johnson Gilstrap Lewis in Bartlesville, Oklahoma where they lived for a couple of years before moving to California. Although the Daltons may have been inspired by their famous cousins' exploits, the Youngers were much older and were in prison at the time of the Dalton Gang's activities. Before Bob, Emmett, and Grat arrived at Bills ranch in California, Bill had married, was living a respectable life, and had become involved in politics as part of the Populist Party. The Daltons told their stories, but neither Kay or Beckenridge ever cleared up the murder point and ruined Grat's case. Thegang operated in New Mexico and Arizona after the Christian brothers escaped from anOklahoma jail in 1895. Bill arrived for breakfast like he said, and the four of them took the same table. Director Jean-Claude La Marre Writers Jean-Claude La Marre Nolbert Brown Jr. Stars Monica Calhoun Lil' Kim Stacey Dash See production, box office & company info Watch on Freevee Watch Free on Freevee In early October 1892, brothers Bob, Grat and Emmett Dalton, along with Bill Power and Dick Broadwell set out towards Coffeyville, Kansas. Indiana, USA. VIDEO The deep canyons of the area, covered with dwarf cedar and blackjack oaks, made it an ideal hiding place. This was also confirmed by Lit Dalton, who had owned a saloon in San Miguel from 1889 to 1890. After splitting the money among themselves, the gang soon realized they needed to rob another train. After they realized they were no longer being pursued, Bob and Emmett began to form what would be known as the Dalton Gang. The Rose of Cimarron died in 1955 in Washington State, where she had lived with Fleming. They hid behind some rocks and an oak tree and waited as one of the men approached them. Grat and Middleton told Smith they planned to hide out in the Coast Range and invited him to come with them. Dalton Gang (1891-1892) - Led by brothers Bob and Grat Dalton, the Dalton Gang robbed banks and trains throughout Kansas and Oklahoma until they were killed in the Coffeyville, Kansas Raid. At that age she may have been a bit rebellious but not too young for romance. They put the gold into the sack, forced Ayres in front of them as cover, and went out the front door. After riding into the mining camp, the crew sat down at a faro game, where they lost heavily. They started stealing horses to make more money, and then fled the area. This is now known as Dalton Alley. Meanwhile, Emmett and Bob had entered the First National Bank, covered the officers and two customers, and ordered the cashier, Thomas Ayres, to open the safe with gold and cash. Grave of Dalton gang in Coffeyville, Kansas, Bob Dalton, with an unidentified woman (possibly Eugenia Moore), May 9, 1889. Disguise or no, when they left the alley they passed within five feet of a man by the name of Aleck McKenna, who recognized one them as a member of the Dalton family. While six men were confirmed to had been seen riding into town, other witnesses that day were all in agreement that upon reaching town there were only five men in the group. Lindsey in Ardmore, Oklahoma, tracked him to the cabin and surrounded it on June 8, 1894. For a short time, the brothers served on the side of the law, working as U.S. Deputy Marshals. Slipping from one side to the other, Bob Dalton, along with his brother Emmett, were charged with selling whiskey in the Osage Nation on March 21, 1890. Thwarted, the brothers finally gave up and rode away. Mystical Symbolism: The Salon of the Rose+Croix, 1892-97 continues at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum (1071 Fifth Avenue, Upper East Side, Manhattan) through October 4. Newcomb was wounded. They supported the Tunstall/McSweenfaction against that ofDolanandMurphyin theLincoln County Warof New Mexico. Rose passed away on month day 1967, at age 54 at death place, California. Reynolds Gang (1863-1864) A group of Confederate sympathizers that rampaged the South Park, Colorado, area to raise money for the Confederate government. On June 1, 1892, the gang robbed the Santa Fe train at a small station called Red Rock at 10pm. Finding the express car on their own, the guard refused to open the heavy door and began firing on them. Hello!". Info Share. He claimed that Bob, Grat, and Emmett had all made at least two trips to Bill's ranch in California during that time and that at least one of them would show up to his saloon to get a gallon demijohn full of whiskey to bring back to the rest.

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